The Benefits of Cycling HGH

By admin / January 17, 2017

cycling human growth hormone

Human Growth Hormone is interesting in that a huge number of benefits have been attributed to its use. In fact, virtually every symptom of aging is claimed to be reversed by increasing HGH levels in the body. One of the benefits of increasing your body’s natural HGH production is weight loss.

Human growth hormone is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for the growth of new tissues and cells inside the body. It is also the hormone that keeps that body active and energetic.

The main purpose of the growth hormone is to maintain the growth cycle inside the body. When HGH is used for muscle growth, it will surely provide the best results. This hormone plays an important role in development and growth so muscles are also part of that. Growth hormone can help increase the muscle mass of the body and it will increase the energy and strength of the body. It also plays a crucial role in reducing body fats so it can also help people achieve a perfect body contour and physical structure.

Some athletes preferred steroids and other anabolic substances to increase muscle mass. However, it is not desirable to use these kinds of drugs anymore. It is very important to know the difference between growth hormone and anabolic steroids. With GH, the muscle gain is relatively a gradual process. It means that the results are not instant because that is how it is supposed to be.

Growth hormone compared to steroids is that it forces the body to burn fats. It only means that people will not need to worry about gaining weight because growth hormone can help them burn fats. Steroids do not have the capacity to burn down fat reserves in the body so a strict diet is necessary when using steroids.


Another benefit of it is that it strengthens the connective tissues like tendons, ligaments and cartilages which cangrowth hormone muscle growth help reduce the incidence of having injuries or fractures that is very common to athletes and body builders. Steroids do not provide these benefits. This simply means that GH is far better than steroids. The process is slower but it is safer and more effective.

When produced naturally by our bodies, has a lot of benefits and is an essential hormone as it has many functions. These functions for years have been looked into and studied by scientists. They are controlling and decreasing levels of fat in the body and increased size and strength of the muscles. Growth hormone also plays a factor in boosting the bodies’ strength, energy, and endurance. It also can reduce wrinkles and can make skin smoother so that your skin has a fresher and more youthful glow. An ample supply of HGH also helps one have good sleeping patterns, and it also improves sexual libido. Growth hormone also has the added benefit of keeping the heart healthy, maintains strong bones and teeth, and improves the amount of time required to recover from an injury. It also helps keep the mind sharp and improves memory.

With all these benefits that can be acquired from naturally produced growth hormone, it is therefore not shocking that a many companies would like to claim that any other form of synthetically produced growth hormone has the same benefits. Some of the side effects are increased blood sugar levels that could lead to diabetes, painful and swelling joints, larger hands, feet, abnormal bone growth, and increased the incidence of several types of cancer, among others. Furthermore, they forget that if could be natural and healthy for the body to produce lower levels of human growth hormone as people age, it may be the natural cycle of life that should not be disturbed.

Therefore, it is much safer to avoid synthetic HGH altogether and to try increasing naturally produced growth hormone without undergoing any expensive treatments. What studies have shown is that intense anaerobic exercise can increase natural levels of growth hormone to a certain extent, this happens even if you are past 40. Studies have likewise shown that an increased amount of nightly sleep, about 8 to 10 hours a day can also help increase the growth hormone levels in the body. This means that if you would like to gain all the benefits of growth hormone without the risk or cost, then these two activities can certainly aid you in getting higher levels of GH.

With all the advances in Human Growth Hormone treatments, as yet it has not been proven to be worth the risk to be applied in anti-aging treatments. The benefits mentioned above cannot be gained from any treatments but by leading a healthy lifestyle with low levels of stress, and eating exercising and having a balanced routine. Always remember that anything in excess can be bad for you. So be happy, live healthy, and you will not need any synthetic HGH to live a long and fruitful life.

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