Can hgh supplements be used for weight loss?

By admin / March 20, 2017

HGH or the Human Growth Hormone is one of the hormones that our system has. This said hormone is responsible for our development and growth. Once the HGH is excreted by the pituitary gland, it will eventually energizes the liver to create IGF-1 (Insulin Growth-like Factor); a hormone that the body make at an ample amount during a person’s youth. Thus, this is deemed as the master hormone. The levels of HGH in the body will gradually lessen as a person’s age progress. Weak muscles, facial lines and creases, an increase in weight, sex drive decrease, and a number of chronic illnesses are just some of what an individual will likely face as he/she grows older related to the decreased generation level of HGH. In this write-up, we will tackle more about the effects of HGH supplements in weight loss.

HGH supplements has become the center of attraction and some people are wondering if this actually is the drug that is going to solve all of men’s problems. The claims that HGH supplements aids weight loss are not so farfetched from the truth because there have been some experiments conducted by doctors which have shown that when elderly patients are given HGH supplements, they show signs of increased muscle growth and increased bone density. In some experiments muscle weight equally replaced fat weight. These findings came from the fact that growth hormone naturally decreases with age. Thus when elderly patients were given the hormone they showed sign of increased energy and vitality. In some patients HGH caused re-growth of hair.

Since HGH is said to have many benefits a part from weight loss, many people are now starting to take this hormone either as a prescription drug or as a supplement which is sold from the shelves. Although many people are keen on taking this hormone they need to get advice from a doctor.

Since one of the Human Growth Hormone supplements tasks is muscle building, the body will begin to utilize muscle mass by converting it into fats as an energy source once there is a decrease in this hormone’s levels. Recent studies show that as an individual turns 40 years old and above, a single pound of muscle will also be replaced with a pound of fat. Hence, there’s nothing to be worried about in this case since there are available supplements of Human Growth Hormones that can be used as effective alternatives. So how does HGH help the body lose fat?

The Human Growth Hormone heightens the metabolism and tone of the body. This explains why a person feels active and weight is decreased. In fact, the mass that is built up during the intake of such drugs are purely muscles. As an individual takes in Human Growth Hormone supplements, it only engages muscle mass. Moreover, these hormones burn up fats to obtain needed energy. This burning of fats will eventually lead to weight loss. With this, body builders and/or athletes are not gaining any additional weight no matter how heavy their food intake is.

In body building, HGH is being utilized in order to get lean muscle mass. The drug enables the joints to get stronger and repairs any damaged tissue. As mentioned earlier, the growth hormone’s most excellent effect is the creation of new muscle cells in the body. With this fact, many people are on their way to strength training and boosting their existing cell sizes. Furthermore, growth hormone increases protein synthesis ability, insulin efficiency and anabolic steroid values. As what researches show, the Human Growth Hormone is indeed useful and effective in curing obesity.

Nowadays, a great number of doctors highly prescribe HGH as a treatment for obesity, since growth hormone takes over the fat burning and metabolism process. The drug is really responsible in taking charge of any obesity issues, as what most people are concerned of. As per HGH Help It can even burn fats while you are resting or sleeping perhaps. HGH intake will make you eat more of your favorite foods, without the worry of gaining extra weight. This is indeed one effective alternative in replacing any diet program or an adding force to your weight loss venture.

You need to take this supplement regularly before you are able to see any real results. The consumers show to have lost weight by using the product for about one months. Your skin also becomes tauter and softer, and once you are able to lose more weight that you did before.

A lot of HGH supplements users are now into yoga and other physical activities simply because they can find the energy to do these things again. The reason why in most cases we suffer from midday crashes may be as result that our body no longer manages our energies the right way. HGH supplements help internal organs of the body function better, which means that every calorie we intake is well spent. You will surely find the energy to run to the gym even after work once you start taking this product as you loss weight.

Side Effects

HGH supplements are drugs, thus like any other drug they have side effects. Common side effects may include joint pain, water retention, insulin resistance, carpal tunnels syndrome, liver damage and kidney failure. Because of these side effects, use of injections has to be strictly monitored by a doctor. growth hormone supplements have less severe side effects since they are not drugs. Common side effects may include liver damage, kidney failure and hypertension. It is advisable that one consults their doctor before they can start to use HGH supplements. It is advisable to keep consulting your doctor when using any product.


Technically, HGH is a minute of proteins, consisting of’0 amino acids. Growth hormone supplements is an ally of someone trying to add muscle, both for sports performance or body building. HGH supplements have 2 main functions – to burn fat and build muscle . Growth hormone supplement and used by people missing in the past, but now days there is an increased intake of HGH supplements by the elderly, aging baby boomers trying to hold back the ravages of time and athletes. Most of the side effects of the supplements are dose-dependent excess intake of HGH supplements or misuse of the product.

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