Exercises that are effective in raising HGH levels

By admin / March 13, 2017

Exercises can boost the HGH level and can make you look and feel younger and refreshed. Working out hard, running short of breath, and breaking a sweat is the simple and easiest way to trigger the HGH production. After intense workouts, your muscle damage occurs and the pituitary gland generates the HGH to repair those damaged muscles.

For the best result, you need to practice weight exercises. Weight exercises are done for the strength, not for the endurance. You will have to practice the exercises that push your body to its limit. In addition, lower part body exercises are considered more effective in raising the HGH levels. Do you want to know more about the exercises that help in raising human growth hormones? If yes, you can consider the followings.


Pushups are bodyweight exercises that you can practice anywhere. This exercise activates different muscles and parts of your body including shoulders, chest, triceps, and abs. All the muscles will be set in motion during the pushups and that makes it a compound exercise. The exercise is easy and simple. You just need to lie on the stomach with your hand under your shoulder. Push your body up just in the air and be in that position until the arms are straight and then you need to lower your body back down till it reaches the width of your fingers on the ground. You can repeat it a couple of times. While practicing it, make sure that your back is straight and the abs contracted.


Like the pushups, pull-ups are compound exercises that influence your shoulders, back, biceps, and chest at a time. To perform it, you can simply grab a bar with your hands just past shoulder-width part. Keep yourself straight and then pull your body up until the chest reaches the tallness of the bar. Lower your body back down. You can practice it for a couple of times. You can practice this compound exercise with the close grip, reverse grip, and wide grip.


The deadlift strengthens the muscles in your glutes, hamstrings, and upper back. It puts a lot of the pressure on the muscles and that ultimately stimulates more HGH production to repair the damaged muscles. If you will be able to practice it properly, then you can truly improve your body posture and can develop a healthy and strong lower back. To start it, you can bend at your hips while keeping your back safe just like in a deadlift position. You will need a heavy heights barbell to practice it. Choose a spacious place and stand behind a bar and then bend the knees and squat down, and then hold the bar with a shoulder-width grip. While doing so, keep the back straight and then lift the bar from the ground. Now you need to hold the bar straight and come to the standing position while keeping the back straight. Bring it back to the normal position, to the ground and practice it for a few times. You can also practice it with dumbbells.


The squat is a compound exercise and it is considered very effective to raise the HGH levels. It works for the lower body and activates every leg muscle as well. It is easy and can be performed by anyone. It lights up many muscles and increases the HGH production. You need to squat by bending your knees and hips by keeping the bar on your upper back. You can squat down until the hips are below your knees. Keep the knees out and your lower back neutral. Squat back up and lock the hips and knees at the top. Though it is considered more effective for the lower part, but it is helpful for the entire body. While performing it, many muscles work at once including upper back, arms, legs, and shoulders.

Bench Press 

The bench press is a popular upper body exercise. Bench press activities major parts of the body that include the shoulder, chest, and triceps. It requires a huge amount of the weight and very helpful in the HGH production. It is often practiced for the muscle building. To perform it, you need to lie on a bench and grab a bar with a wide grip. Then you can push the bar off the safety pin. Now you need to hold the bar straight above you by keeping your arms straight. Then you can lower the bar down to keep just right above your chest and then you can push the bar back up. While lifting the bar exhale and inhale while lowering it.

Olympic Clean and Press 

Olympic Clean is a popular weight training that can contribute to the HGH production. It demands a lot of strength and courage to perform the Olympic cleans. It needs the strength to pull the weight of the floor, the sharpness to launch a heavy barbell in the air, mobility to drop underneath, and neural drive and stability to power from the bottom. It demands a lot of strength and power and if you will be able to do it then it can work on the every muscle of your body and that will boost the HGH production. To practice this exercise, you need to have a barbell and load it. Stand behind the loaded barbell and squat down and take the grip of it. While doing it, make sure that it is wider than the shoulder-width grip. Now lift the bar and swing it to the chest level and then you need to powerfully push it straight above the head. Keep it straight and then slowly lower to the back, then to the ground. You need to repeat this exercise for a couple of times.


Lunges work your quads, butt, calves, and hamstrings. It is easy to perform as well. For this, you need to get a long step forward and then bend your front knees in the 90-degree angle. Your back knee needs to be above the ground. Then come back to the normal position. You can practice it with both of your legs. You need to practice it with both of your legs for a couple of times.

All these exercises are intense and can boost the HGH production. You will have to practice it regularly on a daily basis to get the more effective result.

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