Homeopathic hgh – Everything you need to know

By admin / March 15, 2017

What exactly is Homeopathic HGH?

Homeopathic HGH is derived from the term homeopathy. According to the Webster-Merriam modern dictionary, homeopathy is described as a medical practice in which a disease is treated by administering small doses remedy which if administered to a healthy person would produce symptoms which might be quite similar to that of the disease being treated.

This system also makes use of the principle of like cures like. This basically means that if a or any other compound brings about certain types of symptoms to the body of a healthy person it can also eliminate the same symptoms.

The Homeopathic HGH regime also makes use of the principle of dilution. According to Hahnmann; one of the pioneers of Homeopathic HGH, the higher the water content the better the efficacy of the treatment. As such, homeopathic remedies tend to make use of alcohol or in certain instances water to make their base. As a norm, the remedies have to go through a process called potentization whereby the solution goes through a number of chain dilutions to reduce the potency of the herbs within the solution.

It is believed that plants and herbs have the capacity to leave their imprints within the said solution: this is despite the fact that the solution might be diluted to such an extent that the herbal constituent are practically non-existent or are present in very minute quantities. The idea behind this is that the alcohol or water that makes up the solution can arrest the subtle energy or imprint of the herbal constituents.

Homeopathy restores equilibrium and balance to the body’s vital force and in doing so, helps the body achieve specific functions.

There are different forms of homeopathy of which Homeopathic HGH is one of the most common. This form of homeopathy is specifically meant to stimulate growth within the human body and has constituents that aid in the synthesis and natural production of the human-growth-hormone within the body.

How is it made?

When making the HGH solution, a physician usually takes a small amount of Somatropin: which is a bio synthetic human-growth-hormone and a solution which forms the base; which can be either water based or alcohol based. The human-growth-hormone Somatropin then undergoes a very complex process which includes dilution and succussion. During this process, the properties and energy of the growth-hormones are transferred and replicated on the base solution. The base solution then acquires not only the properties but also the capabilities of hgh

As a norm, alcohol bases are most preferred for Homeopathic HGH due to their ease of absorption into the body.

How is it administered?

In homeopathy, there are several techniques through which the solutions can be administered into the body. There are certain regimens which make use of injections while others make use of topical applications.

However in the case of Homeopathic HGH, the solution is commonly in form of a spray and is usually absorbed into the body by spraying the solution under the tongue where the mucus membrane is positioned. However it is important to note that the rate of absorption and consequently the efficacy of the solution will largely depend on ingredients used in making the solution and also the method used to prepare the drug.

As a norm, the constituents of a homeopathy based growth hormone solution consists a blend of amino acid based releasers, homeopathic HGH and a number of growth factors

The dosage of the HGH solution will largely depend on the method of administration: either through a spray or injections. In the case of sprays, a high frequency low-dosage approach is the most recommended approach. This because the body will only absorb a small amount of the supplement when administered as a spray. It is general recommended that one takes 2-3 doses of the supplement each day if using a spray.

How does it work?

This supplement makes use of a combination of actions so as to achieve the desired impact within the body. For starters, it stimulates the pituitary glands to produce more growth hormone and in doing so elevates the level of HGH within the body.

Research has also shown that small doses of this supplement have the capacity to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Growth hormone also enhances the function of the bodys metabolic, immune and nervous systems.


HGH based homeopathy has numerous benefits associated with it. The following is an overview of some of the benefits observed after a 6 week program of taking this supplement.

  • · Reduction in body fat without a diet plan and also an increase in lean body fat without exercising. This can be attributed to the natural effect of the growth hormone as well as the metabolic boost provided by this compound.
  • · Vitality and high energy levels
  • · Better immune system functionality
  • · Better sleep patterns
  • · Visual improvement
  • · Better looking skin: the skin becomes supple with better texture and wrinkles disappear
  • · Better respiratory function
  • · Reduced blood pressure
  • · Emotional stability

Clinical trials have proved HGH based homeopathy can bring about all the above mentioned benefits.

After how long can the results be seen?

It usually takes around weeks for results such as better sleep cycles to be seen. However more substantive results such as better skin and weight loss can be seen after 6 months of usage.

Is homeopathic HGH safe?

This is a question that a majority of people are most likely asking themselves. This supplement is relatively safe when compared to other available alternatives such as HGH injections.

It is important to note that, Homeopathy based growth hormone has the required approval from FDA and as such is quite safe. The sprays are usually manufactured in FDA approved laboratories and as a norm, all ingredients that are used in the manufacture of this supplement are also FDA approved. However this does not mean that all companies that produce this supplement have the necessary approvals from the FDA and as such, you should always ascertain whether or not a manufacturer is FDA approved before making a purchase.

Final verdict

The benefits of this supplement are collective and considering the fact that Homeopathic HGH has minimal side effects compared to other forms of growth hormone supplements, this supplement comes highly recommended. However, it is generally advisable to first consult a physician before taking the supplement.

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