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What is HGH and How Does it Work

The human growth hormone, or HGH, is a substance that is your body produces  naturally. This hormone stimulates tissue growth throughout the entire childhood and adolescence. The rapid growth in adulthood is caused by this hormone that also helps to keep you healthy. As you grow older, the hormone levels inside your body start to decline. People that have growth abnormalities would grow even faster, but the effect on normal individuals is still unknown.

​So, what happens when you grow up? Do your HGH levels no longer matter once you have grown to your full size? Well, yes, they do matter a lot! Apparently, the length of the body grows rapidly during adolescence, but stops after a person reaches their early 20s. After that, the body metabolism increase rapidly. So, the person no longer grows in height, but their body still continues to grow in size. This is when the muscles of the body start to take shape and must be properly guided in order to get a body with the perfect shape and size.This is when a person should get help and opt for the right supplements so that  are able to offer proper direction to the various developments that their body goes through.

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Natural HGH

Natural growth hormone in humans is produced by the pituitary gland and it stimulates bone and muscle growth. As adolescents get older, the gland lowers the emission of the hormone. In fact, growth hormone production in adults is lowered to the minimum level, just enough to maintain tissues and organs healthy.

natural hgh

Synthetic HGH

There are cases when people have a lower level of growth hormone than normal. The cause can be an injury or an illness like pituitary gland tumor. Doctors then prescribe HGH supplements and injections to help patients restore the normal body growth. Increased levels of human growth hormone build up the muscles and bones while decreasing fat in the body. People with HIV and AIDS often receive hormone injections to restore muscle mass quicker.

Effects on healthy adults

"The New England Journal of Medicine" has reported that healthy people could have benefits of taking synthetic growth hormone. This is why many bodybuilders use the hormone to get better results. Scientists have found that HGH injections increase the muscle mass and reduce body fat quite efficiently. However, they couldn't prove if the shots gave patients more strength or agility.

effects of human growth hormone

Side effects

Increasing the level of GH inside a body leads to the increase of muscle mass, much like anabolic steroids do, but the side effects of the hormone are not as nearly as severe. Some patients have reported feeling pain and swelling in joints and muscles, as well as problems with the heart and liver. Having higher levels of growth hormone that usual can cause some organs and tissues to grow more than normally which can lead to physical deformities of the hands and the face. The Cancer Prevention Coalition claims that using too much HGH increases the risk of cancer because it stimulates cell growth.

Benefits and results of Using Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone, also known as HGH, plays a vital role in the development and recovery of our bodies. The hormone is produced in the pituitary gland from where it's sent to the part of the body that needs it. Chemists have worked hard for years to produce a synthetic growth hormone that is able to penetrate all cells. This provides a couple of awesome medical benefits, but it can also have some side effects too. That is why it's important to contact your doctor before taking the hormone. So, how does this hormone benefit us?

1. Stimulates growth

Patients with a short stature are treated with HGH for half a century. The growth hormone was originally extracted from dead bodies, but the concern about diseases finally lead to the development of synthetic growth hormone in the 80s.

Growth hormone treatment is still the best option for abnormally short children. A study that was published in "Hormone Research in Pediatrics" in 2011 has proven that about 80 percent of treated children reaches their potential safely.

growth stimulation

2. Fights Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease where the patient has reduced bone marrow density and that leads to fragile bones and other complications. Children that have bone marrow cancer are often treated by chemotherapy which has negative effects on their pituitary gland leading to the deficiency of growth hormone and ultimately to osteoporosis.

The hormone replacement protocol with synthetic hgh helps reduce the risks of osteoporosis. A clinical trial was approved and it showed that adults who received hormone treatment had thicker bones and mental health within the first two years of the therapy.

Fight Osteoporosis

3. Enhances performance

Athletes are known to use human growth hormone supplements to get an advantage over their rivals. This practice was started before clinical use of human growth hormone was allowed. Many athletes think that HGH improves their abilities and results, but studies suggest that the hormone benefits only those with a deficiency of the growth hormone.

A study published in "JCEM" on May 2001 evaluated the effects of growth hormone on adults with a hormone deficiency. One year of therapy proved that the patients had more energy and a lower cholesterol count than before.

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Bodybuilders and weightlifters often use all kinds of supplements to get better results. Some of them take  supplements to increase their muscle mass which often leads to drug dependence. There is little scientific data that proves that growth hormone has muscle-building effects on healthy adults while HGH deficient adults have good results.

Only six months of human growth hormone therapy replacement increases the lean body mass and the levels f IGF (an anabolic hormone that protects sensitive nerve cells).

When should you use growth supplements?

Human growth hormone is legally used to treat all kinds of medical conditions. The legal use of a substance is regulated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They have approved the use of this hormone for the treatment of HGH deficiency in children and adults. The HGH therapy is also possible for patients suffering renal insufficiency, HIV, AIDS, and many other diseases. You can also buy it from our recommended sources.

how to use hgh supplements


When we are talking about growth hormone supplements and products, they are widely used by bodybuilders and adults ( men and women) with low levels of the human growth hormone. Sports stars often use these supplements to boost their human growth hormone levels naturally. The supplements contain amino acids, herbs, and other ingredients that help increase the natural levels of the growth hormone inside the body.

Athletes often have to train beyond their limits and that is when the  supplements are needed. The supplements along with a strict diet help the athletes reach his maximum by increasing the amounts of HGH inside their bodies. There are no negative effects to the usage of the supplements and they are perfectly legal and available to buy without any prescriptions or doctor's approvals.

Men that use hgh are usually using it to help with muscle building and women use it for anti aging and weight loss benefits. Interested in trying it? Below are our top 3 recommended supplements available for purchase.

Top 3 GROWTH HORMONE Products for sale – Our Recommendation

1. GenF20 Plus

genf20 plus review

GenF20 Plus is an effective hormone releaser which helps the pituitary gland produce higher levels of the human growth hormone. It uses natural ingredients, nutrients, amino acids, and peptides to signal the gland to work harder.

This supplement presents a safe way to get more energy, more muscle mass, better sleep, a boosted sex drive, and a better mental function. The active ingredients that make GenF20 Plus are very effective and you should see and feel the difference in under a couple of months. This product is available for sale and it's #1 supplement that we recommend.

2. HyperGH 14X

HyperGH 14X review

HyperGH 14x is one of the top human growth hormones on the market right now. It is a great HGH supplement that provides amazing results. It helps you get hard muscles, gives you more energy during workouts, and provides faster recovery after workouts. Furthermore, HyperGH 14X is 100% natural and it works by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce higher levels of human growth hormone naturally.

The 100% money back guarantee is one of the advantages you get when using HyperGH 14X. You can return the product within 60 days and you will get your money back. HyperGH 14 is risk free and very effective. Is it available for sale? Yes! Try it now and you will love it.

3. GHAdvanced+

GHAdvanced+ review

GHAdvanced+ is one of the most popular natural HGH releasers on the market. It is easy and safe to use. GHAdvanced+ comes in the form of pills that were designed to ensure fast absorption. This results with a number of benefits like a faster metabolism, better immune system, higher HGH levels, and a better muscle tone.

L-Arginine, L tyrosine, l dopa, bean extract, are just some of the natural ingredients found in GHAdvanced+. The supplement has no unwanted side effects. When GHAdvanced+ is combined with a proper diet and exercise, it offers great results.

GHAdvanced+ comes with a 90 day risk-free money back guarantee because of its effectiveness and the advantages it provides for body-building and weight lifting. This pill is legit and is currently for sale on the official website.

​There you have it, our top 3 picks of 2017 that you can purchase online today. We can almost guarantee you won't find a better quality hgh for sale online.